TAPICall Release Notes

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Version 4.3.122
Status Description
UpdateExtension separation in reverse lookups
Search results achieved by shortening the phone number specified will now be shown completely. The field Business / Home will contain the original phone number with the extension separated, Business 2 / Home 2 will contain the shortened number that led to the search result.

Version 4.3.121
Status Description
UpdateSupport for Fritz!OS 7.10 outgoing calls
Outbound calls failed if the Fritz!Box was running Fritz!OS 7.10 due to a firmware change by AVM. Respective changes in TAPICall were made.

Version 4.3.120
Status Description
UpdateUpdate for Outlook 2003 / new contacts
New contact items could not be created in Outlook 2003 as the MAPI 11.0.* interface compatibility was broken. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.119
Status Description
UpdateLookup engine TelSearch (CH)
The web URL to the key request page was outdated. API keys entered would not always be saved, this was fixed.

Version 4.3.118
Status Description
UpdateLookup engine Tel.Search (CH)
TAPICall had a risk of potentially crashing in the results evaluation. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.117
Status Description
UpdateCall info balloon can be moved
The call info balloon window can now be moved to an arbitrary place on the desktop at display time.
UpdateCall control window
The call control window would sometimes stay open after a call was disconnected even though it is configured to close automatically. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.116
Status Description
NeuFree positioning of info balloon
The info balloon window can now be placed anywhere. Three modes are possible:
  • Follow taskbar - like previously, the balloon will appear near the clock time display on the taskbar
  • Taskbar relative - in addition to the previous mode, an offset can be determined
  • free - Place the balloon anywhere, even on other monitors than the main monitor
The settings can be found in the Balloon setting page
NeuFull text search in call list
The call list window now features a full text search across all entries. The input field is shown in the top right corner and can also be jumped into by <F3> or <Ctrl-F>.
UpdateReconnecting the TAPI service provider
Reconnecting the current device would often fail, and not actually cause a reconnection. The reconnection is now done in two steps. First, the TSP is disconnected and reconnected, and if that does not succeed, the entire Windows TAPI connection is reconnected as well.
UpdateStartup delay
The startup delay is skipped if Outlook is already running for longer than the startup delay period. This will reduce the times where the startup delay is applied to cases where it makes sense performance-wise.
UpdateCall list: limits
The default limits of the call list were reduced to a maximum age of 30 days and a maximum amount of 100 entries

Version 4.3.115
Status Description
UpdateLookup engine DasOertliche (DE)
Using the German lookup engine DasOertliche with a current location outside Germany would cause phone numbers to have the wrong international identifier in lookup results
UpdateFolder for creating new contact items
If new contacts were configured to be created in a specific folder instead of the personal contacts folder, then issues during the folder retrieval could lead TAPICall to fall back to the default and create new contacts locally again. This issue is more likely to happen if favorite public folders are used.

Version 4.3.114
Status Description
UpdateLookup engine DasOertliche.de
A possible infinite loop was fixed that would TAPICall to appear crashed.
UpdateUsing internal extensions in reverse lookup
If reverse lookup for a number that contains an internal extension (DDI) does not find a match, the number is shortened, and lookup is repeated. In this case, previous versions would not preserve the original number containing the DDI to create it in the contact item. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.113
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box setup / outbound test call
Making an outbound call in the Fritz!Box setup wizard would fail as long as no Fritz!Box definition existed. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.112
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box: improved setup process
The process for setting up a Fritz!Box had a few flaws which are now fixed:
  • Warning icon would stay even after successfully defining a new Fritz!Box definition
  • Deleting the last Fritz!Box definition would not succeed. The line would stay in the grid
  • Added: more prominent advice on online help resorces for setting up a Fritz!Box
  • Added: prevention of saving a new Fritz!Box definition under the name of a different existing definition
  • The model check is now skipped to grant telephony functionality to future Fritz!Box models without the need of a new TAPICall version
  • Adjusted timeot values: previous timeout values were too small for many Fritz!Boxes, resulting in connectivity issues. The timeouts are now higher in new definitions, and set higher for existing instances, if needed
  • Outbound call test would not succeed in the setup wizard when the advice pop-up on outbound calls was not switched off first. This was fixed.
  • Fritz!Box setup wizard is now shown automatically if the telephony connection page is switched to Fritz!Box mode and no Fritz!Box definition exists yet

Version 4.3.111
Status Description
UpdateHotkey configuration
Hotkeys were sometimes not restored after leaving the configuration dialog. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.110
Status Description
UpdateFritz!OS 7.0 SSL certificate usage
Beginning with Fritz!OS 7.0, Fritz!Boxes are using SSL a certificate. When using the IP address, the certificate is invalid (it is bound to the host name fritz.box). TAPICall now ignores this to ensure the communication is still possible.
UpdateReverse lookup in DasOertliche
The portal may render alternative entries in case a phone number could not be matched. These are now ignored by TAPICall as they are misleading (actually there should be no result if no match could be found)

Version 4.3.109
Status Description
UpdateAdvice on error 0x80072F7D occurring due to missing Microsoft patch
On error 80072F7D, TAPICall will offer to open Microsoft's support page for downloading a patch which fixes the problem.

Version 4.3.108
Status Description
UpdateSupport for TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 for web requests to online lookup directories
These protocols are marked secure for TAPICall to help remove the error causing a message An error occured in the secure channel support.
UpdateInternet connection test
The settings page Internet could not successfully complete the connection tests. The was fixed.

Version 4.3.107
Status Description
UpdateSimulation / Displaying contacts
Simulating an inbound call including reverse lookup caused the Show contact button to show an error message. The contact would not open eventually. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.106
Status Description
UpdateSearch window / alternative matches: create new contact with same address
If somebody is calling whose extension ID is yet unknown, but contacts exist that might serve as alternative matches (e.g. if the root number is equal), one of the matches can be picked to create a new unnamed contact that contains the same data as the original except for the contact name.
UpdateWinHTTP: support TLS 1.0 as secure
Using online lookup engines could result in the following error message:

80072F7D - An error occurred in the secure channel support

This might have been caused by WinHTTP's default setting to reject TLS 1.0 connections as secure. This is now explicitly accepted.

Version 4.3.105
Status Description
UpdateAlternative lookup matching entries
On clicking the hint about alternative matching entries in the balloon window, the Search window would often show the entries just for a very short time until they would disappear. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.104
Status Description
UpdateLookup engines: Phone number evaluation
The usage of phone numbers from online phonebook results were improved. All phone numbers found are saved in contacts, and if applicable, extensions are properly separated from the root ID
UpdateTAPI: dropping calls from within the balloon window or TAPICall's main menu
Clicking the 'drop' button in the balloon window or using the 'Drop active call' in TAPICall's main menu would fail sometimes in older versions, especially with calls placed with TAPICall's CTI funtionality. The management of such calls was improved and stabilized.
UpdateFritz!Box: selection of dial port in Search window
The Search window now offers new menu items in the Settings menu as well as the pop-up menu that appears on right clicks in the bottom right corner where the Fritz!Box connection is shown. This saves users the time to go to the settings first and pick the dial port there.
UpdatePhone book Herold (AT) and PagineBianche (IT)
Both phone book engine connectors were updated after provider-side changes that partially broke the functionality.
UpdateRecognition of existing / ongoing calls on startup
On startup when TAPICall connects to the TAPI service provider, it now evaluates ongoing calls more reliably and immediately shows information on the call. Ongoing conversations were often ignored in older versions on startup.

Version 4.3.102
Status Description
UpdateTelephony service check on startup
If TAPICall finds on startup that the Telephony service is not running, it is actively started and, if successful, TAPICall will wait a few seconds for the startup to complete. This is to ensure that the service is fully available before TAPI service providers attempt to use it, and to counteract the fact that Microsoft forces the "manual" startup mode regularly through updates.
This problem can be prevented by setting the Telephony service start mode to "automatic". Unfortunately, TAPICall cannot do this due to restricted process privileges.

Version 4.3.101
Status Description
UpdateUpdate for PagineBianche (IT) lookup engine
The lookup engine connector for PagineBianche for Italy was updated
UpdateCreating new contacts from the search window
When TAPICall was configured to use the default contacts folder for creating new contact items, it could happen that no new contacts could be created in the search window because the wrong folder would be referenced internally. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.100
Status Description
UpdateMAPI interface update
The most recent version of the MAPI interface (Outlook Redemption) is now part of the setup. This is supposed to fix some issues related to Office365 and Outlook 2016.

Version 4.3.99
Status Description
UpdateHolding / Forwarding now disabled in Fritz!Box mode
The buttons for holding or forwarding a call in the call control window cannot be used in Fritz!Box mode because these functions are not available in the FBF web interface. Hence they will be shown disabled in Fritz!Box mode now.
UpdateDasÖrtliche: changed to https
The lookup engine DasÖrtliche.de could no longer be used since the provider switched to https / SSL. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.98
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box filter for VoIP extensions
Number signs being added to VoIP related phone numbers will now be removed before TAPICall continues to use the numbers.

Version 4.3.97
Status Description
UpdateChanges in DasÖrtliche (lookup engine)
Internal changes in the web site caused TAPICall to fail using the search engine. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.96
Status Description
UpdateCall info e-mails in Fritz!Box mode
In previous versions, the automatically generated e-mails on missed calls as well as the call list information e-mail would not be created in Fritz!Box mode. This was fixed.
UpdateCreation of call info e-mails (general)
The user account validation on sending call info and call list e-mails to the own e-mail account failed if LongTermEntryIDs were internally used. Therefore, these mails would often not be created and sent.

Version 4.3.95
Status Description
Updatetel: / callto: URL protocol
When using tel: or callto: hyperlinks from a browser, it could happen that spaces would be copied as '%20' into the search expression or the phone number to be dialed.
UpdateLicense check
During the 'License check' phase, TAPICall could take a long while or even freeze. This was caused by TAPI being initialized to retrieve the current TSP name. The name is now extracted from buffered registry values.

Version 4.3.94
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box call list download with another TAPI device selected for telephony
The call list download from a Fritz!Box configured in the Call List settings page would not execute on program startup but only after a configuration change. The option is only needed when a classic TAPI service provider is used for telephony but the Fritz!Box call list should still integrate with TAPICall's internal call list.

Version 4.3.93
Status Description
UpdateCheck for running Telephony service
The check was simplified. If the Telephony service is not configured to be deactivated, but is not running once TAPICall is making a connection to TAPI, then TAPICall will attempt to start the service. If any errors occur in this step, they are addressed on screen. Likewise, if the service is deactivated, a message will indicate this problem.

Version 4.3.91
Status Description
UpdateCheck for running Telephony service
TAPICall now checks whether the Windows Telephony Service is running when a connection to TAPI is being set up. If the service is apparently not running, an appropriate message is shown.

Version 4.3.90
Status Description
UpdateJournal folder
The selection and control of the folder in which new journal entries are created was stabilized and extended for working with multiple information stores.
UpdateStartup behavior
Outlook is accessible for TAPICall only after the main window loses the focus for the first time. Until now, TAPICall attempted to effect this by "stealing" the focus regularly until Outlook is reachable. This could have side-effects like letters being lost during typing, or the Outlook profile selection dialog appearing out of nowhere. The accessibility of Outlook's interfaces is now ensured by an Outlook add-in which will quickly move the focus to the desktop window and back to Outlook on startup. TAPICall's interface to Outlook is thereby getting simpler and more reliable.
UpdateFritz!Box mode: make call from call list
The button Make call in the call list window was not enabled in Fritz!Box mode unless an outbound call was made previously. This was fixed by setting up a Fritz!Box session immediately when the configuration is read.

Version 4.3.89
Status Description
UpdateFolder selection dialogs
The folder tree in the dialogs 'Search for contacts', 'Create contacts', and 'Create journal' are immediately extended to the level where a folder has been selected
UpdateScan folders
To safely identify scan folders in mapped information stores, the LongTermEntryID, EntryID, and full folder path are used

Version 4.3.87
Status Description
UpdateSupport for Fritz!Box 7590
The Fritz!Box model 7590 is no longer indicated to be unsupported
UpdateRemoved multi-language rendering errors
Controls having a caption as well as a tooltip text would be shown with the caption being equal to the tooltip text. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.86
Status Description
UpdatePhone book Herold.AT
The web phone book connector was updated for the latest web page design and is now working again.
UpdateFolder management for new items
The folders for journal entries and new contact items are now automatically corrected if they cannot be resolved with the last-known IDs
UpdateHandling of unknown country codes
Entering a phone number starting with a plus sign and a country code that is not contained in TAPICall's database, or which has no area codes assigned to it, the plus sign would not be replaced by the introductory numerical code for an international call. This was fixed.
UpdateArea codes for CZ
We added area codes for Czechoslowakia and changed the dialing rules from closed dialing schema to area code usage.

Version 4.3.85
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box call list downlaod
Calls of type "outbound / successful" were previously ignored. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.84
Status Description
UpdateUpdate download
The function was stabilized to work better on very fast internet connections
UpdateFritz!Box call time evaluation
The call time of calls on a Fritz!Box was not evaluated properly. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.83
Status Description
UpdateAccess privileges on product database
Previous versions failed on some machines in the write access test on the product database (C:\ProgramData\TAPICall.mdb). This caused the program to refuse to start. This was fixed by privilege assignment in the setup so all users have full access on the folder now.

Version 4.3.82
Status Description
UpdateAdded area codes
Area codes were updated / added for Austria cellular network and Czech Republic

Version 4.3.81
Status Description
UpdateFix for iCloud folders
iCloud based folders could be selected and the number of contacts contained could be displayed, however, the contacts could not be synchronized. This was fixed.
UpdateDoubleclicking in the call list
When the double-click action in the call list was configured to show the search window for the clicked call list entry, the search window would open empty. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.80
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box call monitor parser
An error in the Fritz!OS firmware causes the Fritz!Box to send the CONNECT and DISCONNECT messages convoluted into one message. TAPICall could not handle this until now. It will now parse the single message and split into two if applicable. The call duration measurement contained in the DISCONNECT message is now used in the TAPICall call list as the call duration.
UpdateUsing iCloud account folders
In combination with Outlook 2016, using iCloud folders caused problems. This was fixed.
UpdateOpen search window from call list entry
Clicking Display contact in search window in the call list would cause the search window to open without search expression and result. This was fixed, TAPICall will now use the phone number of the selected call list entry as the initial search expression.

Version 4.3.79
Status Description
UpdateOpening contacts from a call list entry
Opening a contact from a call list entry could fail if the contact had changes in the meantime. In this case, TAPICall will attempt to resolve the contact for the call list entry and show the respective contact in case of success automatically.

Version 4.3.77
Status Description
UpdatePhone book DasÖrtliche
Accidentally HTML markup containing a distance indication was included in the street address of result entries
UpdateUser e-mail address caching
TAPICall retrieves the current user's e-mail addresses on startup. In rare cases this takes multiple minutes to complete. To speed up the startup phase, the e-mail addresses are now cached in the registry so the waiting period happens only once, after that, TAPICall will use the cache

Version 4.3.76
Status Description
UpdateDatabase reverted to Access
The Sqlite database engine that was introduced with version 4.3.34 is no longer used due to instabilities it caused in the product. The MDB database file format (Microsoft Access) is used again. Data created with in-between versions (>= 4.3.34) will be migrated, mostly the license, call list, and search folder choices

Version 4.3.75
Status Description
UpdateUsage of LongTermEntryID in contacts
The LongTermEntryID is now used consistently when contacts are opened from within the search window, the call list window, or during the evaluation of actual calls, to ensure that the Outlook contact can be opened (if known).
UpdateBugfix in search window
During the input of a search term the text was occasionally added to the list even though no search result was clicked yet. This caused the entered text to be selected entirely, which again caused it to be overwritten by continuing to enter the search term. This is now prevented.

Version 4.3.72
Status Description
UpdateHotkeys muted during settings dialog
Before the settings dialog is shown, the hotkeys will be deactivated completely to enhance the stability. The hotkey functionality is resumed after the settings dialog was closed.
UpdateSynchronization improvement
TAPICall will now use the LongTermEntryID for database synchronization as the regular EntryID proved to be unreliable in Outlook 2016 environments.

Version 4.3.71
Status Description
UpdateStabilization of the settings wizard dialog
On some Windows 10 systems TAPICall would crash completely when the settings are opened. This was fixed.
UpdateUsage of long-term EntryID for call info e-mails and in the call list
In said contexts TAPICall is now using the long-term EntryID for accessing contacts instead of the previously-used EntryID. This is to ensure that hyperlinks in call info e-mails as well as opening contacts from the call list continues to work properly. This mainly affects contacts from folders shared across multiple users.

Version 4.3.69
Status Description
UpdateResolution for startup problems with Windows 10 Creators Update Fall 2017 (1709)
After installing the update, TAPICall would no longer start up due to an internal error logging on to Outlook's MAPI session. TAPICall is now using a different approach to log on.

Version 4.3.67
Status Description
UpdateSearch folder configuration
If a formerly configured search folder cannot be found by its ID in TAPICall's startup phase, its folder path is now used to try and locate it by name
UpdateMenu in standby mode
Previous versions showed invalid entries in the context menu raised from the tray icon. This was fixed.
The hotkey handling was improved in order to improve the product stability

Version 4.3.66
Status Description
UpdateData migration: bugfix for table Config_NumTypes
The table Config_NumTypes is no longer migrated but recreated and filled with default values to avoid error messages and trouble in the migration process.

Version 4.3.64
Status Description
NeuSearch history
In the search window, the most recent 25 search expressions are now offered in a dropdown. To register a search expression, click a line in the results view after searching.

Version 4.3.58
Status Description
UpdateSynchronization with Office 2016 / Office365
Using Outlook 2016 on Office365 could cause TAPICall to resynchronize large portions of the contacts over and over. The reason is a variance in the IDs used to identify contacts until now. TAPICall is now using the LongTermEntryID instead of the formerly-used EntryID which should make the synchronization more reliable and faster.

Version 4.3.57
Status Description
Please do not use the automatic update (download + setup) in versions prior to 4.3.56. Please download the setup from www.tapicall.de/download and update manually. The automatic update can be used with versions 4.3.56 or greater.
UpdateStabilization of settings dialog
Previous versions had a potential crash on opening the settings window. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.56
Status Description
UpdatePhone book "Das Örtliche" (DE)
Company main phone numbers were not correctly retrieved, shown, and copied into contacts. This was fixed.
UpdateFritz!Box setup
Once telephony was changed to Fritz!Box, and a Fritz!Box configuration was created, the warning icon about missing configuration items is immediately removed to prevent confusion

Version 4.3.53
Status Description
UpdateUsing selected text on F8
On pushing F8 (or whatever is configured to start TAPICall's search function), previous versions would prioritize selected text in Outlook items over text selections outside Outlook even if Outlook was not the foreground application. This was fixed. Text selected in Outlook is now used only if Outlook is the foreground application.
UpdateOrder of phone numbers in search results
When TAPICall was installed 'fresh' (no previous version ever installed on the system before), versions beginning with 4.3.34 would show phone numbers in search results (search window) in random order. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.52
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box: recognition of session timeouts and two-factor authentication
Sessions timing out in the background are now properly recognized by TAPICall, and in doube a new session is created when a Fritz!Box command is executing (set dial port, make or drop call). Commands which fail because they require a confirmation on a directly-connected phone will be announced by TAPICall accordingly, asking the user to disable two-factor authentication because it will prevent TAPICall to successfully place commands.

Version 4.3.51
Status Description
UpdatePhone book 'DasÖrtliche': improved recognition of cellular phone numbers
As the web site no longer identifies cellular phone numbers as such, TAPICall now uses its internal phone number database to differentiate landline from cellular phone numbers. If a cellular number is detected, it is automatically filled into the "Cell phone" field instead of "Private" or "Business" phone fields.

Version 4.3.50
Status Description
UpdateImprovement on 'DasÖrtliche' phone book
The recognition of private vs. business contacts was improved so TAPICall will now fill the appropriate contact fields regarding address and phone number(s). E-Mail and web site addresses are now copied into result contacts properly again.
UpdateDatabase migration stabilization
The migration of databases from Access (<= Version 4.3.33) to SQLite was improved in some places to handle errors more flexibly.

Version 4.3.49
Status Description
UpdateStabilization for update download
The Update manager dialog could crash when doing downloads on high bandwidth connections. This was fixed.
UpdateCorrection on search folder configuration
The search folder settings were not correctly saved with previous versions, or improperly initialized on first use. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.48
Status Description
UpdateError correction in license manager
Using dynamic activation would cause the license to expire in newer TAPICall versions due to a problem saving server communication in the client. The error was fixed.

Version 4.3.47
Status Description
UpdateAlternative (fuzzy) search matching in the search window
Searching by a phone number would cause alternative matching entries to be displayed erratically. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.46
Status Description
UpdateBetter support for working with multiple information stores
Working with more than one info store could cause TAPICall to miss folder events. This surfaced e.g. by the automatic phone number correction dialog not appearing even though a contact was saved with invalid phone number information. The user information is now retrieved for each info store separately which enables a better mapping for events to the users who caused the event, and makes the dependent functionality more reliable

Version 4.3.44
Status Description
UpdateSearch window: behaviour on making a call
The search window can now be configured to either minimize or close completely when a call is made from inside the window. The menu Settings -> When a call is started... was extended by two sub items accordingly
UpdateFritz!Box mode: Make call (error handling)
If making a call fails in Fritz!Box mode, an error message is now shown, offering to cancel or retry
UpdateFritz!Box mode: whitelist and blacklist added
The Fritz!Box announces informations on any inbound call to all listening clients. If a given TAPICall client is supposed to react only to certain MSNs, or exclude activity on given MSNs, both can now be configured in a whitelist and a blacklist. Both are offered in the Fritz!Box setup wizard which can also be used to update existing Fritz!Box definitions
UpdateURI protocols (callto and tel)
The URI protocol configuration was removed from the program. The setup now prepares the protocol handlers and the user decides for what protocol TAPICall is used (better adherence to Microsoft guidelines)
UpdateUsing Windows Common Controls
Controls like checkboxes, dropdowns, etc. are now presented in the system look and feel
Update"New version" announcement
New versions are now announced with a system pop up message which can be clicked to get to the update manager where detailed version information is presented and the download and setup can be started
UpdateFritz!Box mode: call termination
TAPICall sometimes missed when a call was hung up so the call was assumed to be active and no new call could be initiated. This was fixed.

Version 4.3.43
Status Description
NeuRegistration as callto/tel protocol handler
TAPICall can register itself now for the callto: and tel: URI protocols which are presented on websites to prepare calling a phone number with a single click. For configuring this, the new "default application" settings page was introduced
CAUTION! This feature is in beta state and will not fully work in Windows 8 and 10!
NeuSettings page "Automatic updates"
To enable configuring the behavior on automatic updates, a new settings page "Automatic updates" was introduced. It can be used to disable the search for updates, or configure it as desired.

Version 4.3.36
Status Description
UpdateBugfix about database shadow copies
Reading area codes from the database template in the program installation folder would automatically create a shadow copy of the database on Windows Vista and newer versions which would be announced at the next program startup. This is now prevented by creating a temporary copy of the template database for synchronization which is eventually removed again.
UpdateFritz!Box mode / Windows location check
Until now, TAPICall would not check the location configuration in the Windows Telephony settings when TAPICall works in Fritz!Box mode. If the location is missing, this will now trigger a warning on startup.
Updatetel:/callto: URI protocol handling
The support for the URI protocols tel: and callto: was moved from the setup into the program (last page in the "first start" wizard as well as page "default application" in the settings). The protocols can be assigned to TAPICall on demand, and this can also be rolled back to the last-known application that was assigned before TAPICall.
UpdateURI protocol evaluation
Links with tel: or callto: did not work properly even if they were bound to TAPICall. Clicking a link would open the TAPICall search window but not copy the number into the input line. This was fixed.
UpdateDuplicate folders in folder structure views
Using connected accounts could cause the same folders to be shown multiple times in the folder selection views. From now on, for each folder only the first appearance is registered whereas any other appearance of the same folder will be ignored.
UpdateSettings page for automatic updates
The settings page 'Automatic Updates' was added to allow configuring the behavior even if no current updates exist.

Version 4.3.33
Status Description
UpdateCall list: filter to current month
When the filter "current month" was selected in the call list, the result was not as expected. The date range selection was corrected.
UpdateAutomatic database repair
When TAPICall is shut down for the 10th time, the profile database is automatically cleaned up. The interval can be adjusted by the user. A new button for this purpose was added to the settings page Maintenance and Test.

Version 4.3.31
Status Description
UpdateCheck for existing shadow copies of the product database and language file
Since Windows Vista, write access to files in the Program Files folder may cause a shadow copy of the modified file to be created in the so-called VirtualStore. This is meant to protect the original file while users can still modify the files, however this happens in a different place inside the user's profile. Windows will prefer the shadow copy over the original file if a shadow copy exists. This may lead to updates not becoming effective. TAPICall now checks for shadow copies of the product database and language file, and issues a warning if anything is found.
UpdateSuppress QuickSync during settings wizard display
The QuickSync function is now suppressed as long as the settings window is open to prevent QuickSync from disturbing users while taking changes in the settings.
UpdateWrong hint on missing search folder definition
On first start, or after deleting the search folder definitions, previous TAPICall versions would issue a warning about missing search folder definitions while they actually referenced the default contacts folder. The warning for this situation was removed.
UpdateUpdate notification bugfix
Every 24 hours, TAPICall checks for program updates online. If any update is available, the update window would pop up. However, it would pop up in that same hour over and over despite being dismissed. This is now prevented.
UpdateCancel running QuickSync
QuickSync can now be cancelled. The progress window has a 'close' button in the top right corner that will stop the synchronization immediately.
UpdateCall control window after end of call
When the call control window was configured to stay open after a call ended, the menu item 'Open call control window for current call' would open any number of additional control windows for the same call. This is prevented now.
UpdatePerformance at the beginning of a call
If call alarm signaling is off, and no categories exist which have special colors or balloon window sizes defined, the check for WAV attachments and categories in contacts is suppressed. This makes TAPICall perform better when a contact is calling or being called.
UpdateSoftware update with integrated download
The update dialog now offers an integrated download for the update package. The downloaded package can be started from within the program. This makes update handling a lot easier.

Version 4.3.30
Status Description
UpdateFixed an error in folder hierarchy detection
On some systems the synchronization of contact data into the profile database file would not work properly (MDB file would keep its initial size). This problem was fixed.

Version 4.3.29
Status Description
UpdateClassic dialog layout in settings
By popular request a menu was added to the settings dialog that can be used to switch between the modern dialog layout and the legacy layout from versions before 4.2.100

Version 4.3.28
Status Description
UpdateUsing extensions in look results from DasÖrtliche
Looking up a phone number with extension in Germany would cause the resulting contact to have only one phone number field filled with the main number so the extension was not saved. TAPICall will now fill the phone number having the extension into the first phone number field (home / business), and the phone number that belongs to the lookup result (having main desk extension -0) is put into the second field (home 2 / business 2)
UpdateQuickSync no longer executing while settings dialog is open
The QuickSync function is now suppressed as long as the settings dialog is shown
UpdateFritz!Box call list import
During the import of lines from the Fritz!Box call list it could happen that the imported items were shown like actual calls with a balloon window and sounds being player. This is now suppressed for imported items.
UpdateResuming previous call after call waiting
If a call waiting comes in during an active call, the call waiting would replace the active call. If the second caller gives up, previous versions of TAPICall attempted to fall back to the call which was previously known as the active call, and continue it. This proved unreliable and was therefore disabled

Version 4.3.27
Status Description
UpdateOnline phone book Herold (Austria)
The phone book connector needed to be rewritten due to extensive web site changes.
UpdateHotkey correction
The modifier keys (shift, ctrl, alt, windows) were not evaluated properly. This was corrected.

Version 4.3.26
Status Description
UpdateCreation of e-mails about missed calls (in absence)
Due to an internal error, e-mails about missed calls were created but not sent. They would be stuck as draft items in the Draft folder. The problem was fixed.
UpdateLookup provider selection in search window
To open the context menu that offers the lookup engines on the Search button in the search window, you can now use the context menu key on the keyboard. Beginning with version 4.3.29, the alternative key combination Ctrl+Space is also possible.

Version 4.3.24
Status Description
UpdateUpdate to MAPI interface library
The Redemption MAPI interface was updated to version 5.12.
UpdateTAPI Wizard and Quick Sync launch conditions
Changes to settings like Telephony Connection, CTI, Canonic Format and others would execute subsequent functionality like the TAPI Wizard, or the contact quick synchronization (Quick Sync) immediately when the respective settings page was left. This could slow down the program to a degree where working with the settings dialog was no longer possible. The subsequent processes are now launched only when the settings dialog is closed, if any of the relevant settings have changed.

Version 4.3.23
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box call list download when a TAPI device is used
The call list download was tied to using TAPICall in Fritz!Box mode, i.e. using the Fritz!Box instead of a TAPI service provider. When a classic TAPI driver was used, call list download was not possible. This was restored now. Settings are available at the end of the 'Call list' settings page where a Fritz!Box can be specified for call list download explicitly. If the Fritz!Box is also the main phone device (no TSP usage), the call list download can be specified as part of the Fritz!Box-related settings.
UpdateReading the Clipboard
TAPICall frequently failed to properly read the clipboard contents so that the search window would open with no search expression even though a selection was made previously. The process was changed to use the clipboard API directly which should make the functionalilty more stable and reliable.
UpdateSpeed dial with Fritz!Box mode
In Fritz!Box mode, speed dial entries could not be used any longer in previous versions. This was fixed.
UpdateUpdate reminder
The reminder about program updates was not prominent enough in previous versions. TAPICall is now configured to check once a day for updates, and indicate if any exist in the update manager dialog.

Version 4.3.22
Status Description
UpdateResolved setup issue
TAPICall 4.3 setups contained an error that could break the uninstallation process so it was not possible to remove TAPICall, or upgrade to a newer version. The problem was resolved.

Version 4.3.21
Status Description
UpdateAutomatic TSP reconnection in Fritz!Box mode
The automatic TSP reconnection on waking up from standby would not work when TAPICall was used in Fritz!Box mode. The error was fixed.

Version 4.3.20
Status Description
UpdateKeyboard shortcuts: internal rearrangement
To improve stability and reliability concerning global keyboard shortcuts such as F8 for opening the search window, the program code was simplified internally. This should resolve issues where TAPICall would not react to configured keyboard combinations in some systems.

Version 4.3.19
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box Fon Support
Fritz!Box Fon devices are now directly supported by TAPICall so that the installation of an AVM TSP is no longer required. The TSP is not supported by AVM anymore.

Version 4.2.134
Status Description
UpdateCorrection in lookup engine DasÖrtliche (DE)
Due to web site design changes, the phone number recognition was not reliable any more. The parser was updated accordingly.

Version 4.2.133
Status Description
UpdateCorrection in lookup engine DasÖrtliche (DE)
Due to web site design changes, the phone number recognition was not reliable any more. The parser was updated accordingly.

Version 4.2.132
Status Description
UpdateSettings page for reverse lookup
The page was only shown as [PAGE 2] in the wizard dialog and could no longer be opened. This was fixed.
UpdateBugfix: internet connectivity test for lookup engines
The test always failed since the DE lookup engine GoYellow as replaced by "Das Örtliche". This was fixed.

Version 4.2.131
Status Description
UpdateImprovements with lookup engine Das Örtliche (DE)
The Das Örtliche lookup engine interface was fixed to improve the parser. Some entries shown on the web site would not be shown in TAPICall, and phone number sometimes were crippled by misidentification of the DDI.

Version 4.2.130
Status Description
UpdateTAPI Devices with ID 0
TAPI devices having ID 0 could not be connected in TAPICall. The issue was resolved.
UpdatePhonebook lookup engine 'GoYellow' (DE) replaced by 'Das Örtliche'
The German lookup engine GoYellow shut down their XML interface and will concentrate on business entries in the future. Therefore the GoYellow integration was removed and replaced by 'Das Örtliche' services.

Version 4.2.129
Status Description
UpdateDependency to Microsoft WinSock Control removed
The Microsoft Windows Socket Control component is missing on newer systems intermittently. This results in TAPICall not starting up. The dependency was removed and the networking components are now executed inline.

Version 4.2.128
Status Description
UpdateMAPI interface updated
To help fix issues with Office 2016, the latest MAPI interface version was included.

Version 4.2.127
Status Description
UpdateHotkeys: enhanced configuration dialog
The configuraton dialog would not let users enter a hotkey combination that was already in use when the dialog was entered. To resolve this, the page will now disable all existing hotkey reservations temporarily, and only enable them on leaving the page.

Version 4.2.126
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: Web Request Stabilization
An issue was fixed that caused document downloads (e.g. license data, search results) to be cancelled prematurely when the request took longer. This was fixed.

Version 4.2.125
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: manual proxy settings
Using manual proxy settings would cause subsequent web requests to fail. The code that passes proxy data into requests was corrected.

Version 4.2.123
Status Description
UpdateFix for startup phase 'license check'
Version 4.2.121 sometimes hung at the 'license check' step during program startup. The reason is probably a timeout when a proxy is used. A timeout was impemented to cancel the operation at the latest when the 'receive' timeout is reached.

Version 4.2.121
Status Description
UpdateSearch engine herold.at
Due to changes in the web site design the search engine connector had to be adjusted. Paging is now used so return more than 10 results. As one page contains 10 results, follow-up pages are included into the result until the maximum number of results was reached
UpdateHTTP proxy settings
The proxy settings for internet connections were updated. There are three modes now:
  • no proxy (default)
  • automatic proxy config - this mode can be used if an 'Autoconfig' script is used in the Windows configuration to determine for each target address which proxy is used to direct the request
  • Manual proxy - as before, proxy data can be entered manually or pulled from the Windows internet configuration
UpdateCall list: column alignments
In the call list, the horizontal alignment (left, centered, right) can now be configured for each column

Version 4.2.120
Status Description
UpdateReverse lookup engine PagineBianche (IT)
Due to changes in the web site design the search engine connector required an update

Version 4.2.119
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box mode
A note on the not-yet-implemented outbound dialling capabilities of TAPICall was added to the settings page

Version 4.2.118
Status Description
UpdateTiptel 274 275: Behavior when line was disconnected
If the line gets disconnected, the TAPI provider announces this correctly, however, it leaves the line open so future calls cannot be made. An integrated automatic adjustment will now have the TSP drop the line if a disconnected status is deteced to work around this issue.

Version 4.2.116
Status Description
NeuSupport for Fritz!Box call monitor
The Fritz!Box call monitor functionality can be used now to show incoming and outgoing calls without the use of a TSP driver. Dialling capabilities will be added in the near future.

Version 4.2.115
Status Description
UpdateNew setup signature
The setup is now signed with an SHA256 signature

Version 4.2.113
Status Description
UpdateOutlook 2016 Compatibility
The Plan call function in the search window failed on Outlook 2016 when the contact was linked to the new task item. Microsoft changed the object model behavior in that respect. A workaround fixed the problem
UpdatePerformance improvement for Windows 10 with Office 2013 or newer
When Outlook 2013 or 2016 was used on Windows 10, TAPICall would act sluggish during the determination of the call announcement parameters such as balloon size, colors, and WAV file to be played. Access to contact categories and attachments is very slow when the Outlook object model is used. TAPICall now uses the direct MAPI approach
UpdateMore color selections for call notification balloon
It is now possible to determine the presence of shadows under text segments and the respective shadow color for each text area

Version 4.2.112
Status Description
UpdateSupport for TAPI Devices having ID '0'
Using a TSP with ID 0 caused trouble in earlier versions because TAPICall would falsely assume that no driver was selected yet. Consequently the driver status would be "unavailable" for the first driver in the list. This was fixed.

Version 4.2.111
Status Description
UpdateSupport for Fritz!OS 6.30
Downloading the call list from a Fritz!Box did not work properly with Fritz!OS 6.30. Proper support was added. A new option can be used to determine the handling of phone numbers read from a Fritz!Box. Previously, if CTI settings had an outside access prefix configured, this prefix would be removed from all raw phone numbers. However, if the Fritz!Box did not use an outside access prefix, the removal of the first digit(s) would cripple the phone numbers. The new option can be used to prevent this.

Version 4.2.110
Status Description
UpdateAutomatic phone number correction
The settings for the automatic correction of phone numbers was misinterpreted so the correction would not happen despite settings being correct.

Version 4.2.109
Status Description
NeuDatabase compression optional / recurring
Repairing and compacting the profile database was a fixed part of the TAPICall shutdown process in previous versions. However, the compression takes considerably longer when database sizes go beyond approx. 50 MB. TAPICall will now use an internal counter to offer the compression only each 10th time the application is shut down. In the respective dialog, users can also specify a larger or smaller interval or turn the compression off altogether. It is also possible to postpone a planned 'Compact and Repair' cycle to the next time TAPICall is shut down.
UpdateCall info balloon default colors
Previous versions accidentally put all colors of the call info balloon to the same green color
UpdateLookup engine Herold.at
Due to changes in the web design the interface had to be changed in order to restore reverse and forward lookup functionality

Version 4.2.107
Status Description
UpdateOpen new windows in the background
The option 'Open new windows in background' was enhanced for less interference with other programs
UpdateBalloon colors: could not save 'black'
If any of the balloon colors was set to black, this would not be saved. The respective color would be reset to the default value.
UpdateBalloon color scheme 'classic'
The 'classic' color scheme could not be used, it created the same color setting as the 'modern' scheme
UpdateWindows size of the 'First Start' wizard
The dialog would be shown with 66% of the available screen width and 75% of its height. However, on smaller displays this would cause dialogs to have scrollbars where only one or two lines were off. The scaling to 75% of the available height is no longer applied for displays with less than HD resolution (< 1080 pixels height).

Version 4.2.106
Status Description
UpdateBugfix in automatic phone number correction
The automatic phone number correction would switch itself off unintendedly after showing the correction dialog for the first time.

Version 4.2.105
Status Description
UpdateWindows 10 with Office 2016
Compatibility update

Version 4.2.103
Status Description
UpdateModern UI design
TAPICall's UI design was adjusted to better match modern user interfaces such as Windows 10 and Office 2016
UpdateLookup engine PagineBianche (IT) fixed
Due to changes on the provider side, the lookup for names and phone numbers in Italy via PagineBianche did not work properly.

Version 4.2.74
Status Description
UpdateTAPICall dialer usage filters corrected
There was a malfunction about filters applied to phone numbers passed to TAPICall in order to have TAPICall dial the target number. The filters could be created but not be loaded and reviewed later. The problem was solved.

Version 4.2.73
Status Description
UpdateTreatment of inaccessible search folders
The program behaviour was enhanced for the situation when a search folder cannot be found by the StoreID and EntryID saved when the folder was configured. The changes contain:
  • On startup, TAPICall will not address unreachable folders except in the log if it is active
  • The Database Synchronization window shows a message for each folder that is inaccessible, offering to remove it from the internal list. The last known store and folder names are shown if possible.
If errors related to search folders are shown in other parts of the program, or the Search Folders configuration page shows less folders than configured, the Database Synchronization window should be opened to resolve these problems.

Version 4.2.72
Status Description
UpdateNew TSP-specific switch to control post-standby behavior
It is now possible to determine more exactly how TAPICall behaves after the computer comes back from standby mode. Until now, the TSP as well as the entire TAPI connection would be restartet which might rarely cause problems with specific TSPs. Therefore, a new area Reconnection Behaviour was added on the TAPI Features page of the TSP-specific settings page.
UpdateOffice 2016 Compatibility
In some cases Windows would show a message reading The operating system is not presently configured to run this application. The TAPICall_Core.exe process could even crash after that. This was fixed.
UpdateModern balloon popup design
The balloon can now be configured to be a flat rectangle instead of having rounded corners (like in previous versions). The indicator "arrow" can also be removed. The call control icons on top of the popup balloon window were replaced with enhanced icons to achieve better scalability of the dialog.

Version 4.2.71
Status Description
UpdateXML configuration extended to contain category balloon appearance settings
The XML configuration framework now supports the per-category balloon settings.

Version 4.2.69
Status Description
BugTAPICall restart
After closing Outlook and restart itself, TAPICall doesn't notice this. Fixed.

Version 4.2.66
Status Description
UpdateAdded area codes for Tansania
Area codes for multiple regions in Tansania were added to the database
UpdateCurrent call after call waiting
If a waiting call is announced during an ongoing call, the information on the waiting call would replace the active call internally. If the ongoing call is continued without accepting the waiting call, and the waiting call ends, then the call information would not return to the actual call partner. This was improved to return to the open call after the waiting call ended, and also continues the presence status "busy" if this happens.

Version 4.2.63
Status Description
UpdateCall info via e-mail: stabilization
Creating call info e-mails from the call list could cause TAPICall to crash unexpectedly
UpdatePickup feature now off by default
To reduce problems, the default configuration is now set to not use the TAPI Pickup feature. In combination with CallBridge TSPs it caused calls to indicate a wrong direction (outbound instead of inbound) and with others, it could cause stability issues
Updateherold.at changes
Due to provider-initiated changes to the herold.at web site, the lookup engine needed to be adjusted
UpdateFolder selection for creating new contacts
Address Lists are no longer selectable in the configuration dialog where the folder is determined that is used for creating new contact items. For instance, the Active Directory is mirrored into an address list in Outlook, however, items can never be created or changed. This is reserved to the administrative console where active directory items are modified. To prevent misunderstandings, the address lists are now hidden from the configuration page.

Version 4.2.61
Status Description
UpdatePhone number correction on Save and Close
If a contact item was submitted using the Save and Close button and contanied correctable phone numbers, then a correction suggestion for these phone numbers would be displayed but the numbers would not be changed eventually. If the correction window was configured not to be shown, the correction would also fail. This was fixed.

Version 4.2.60
Status Description
UpdatePop-up balloon / focus behaviour
In rare cases the balloon would "steal the focus" from the active window when it was shown. This should no longer happen.
UpdateTAPIDroid recognition
If TAPIDroid is the active TSP name, the international / area code optimization is turned off to ensure that both international and area code are always transmitted to the TSP on making a call.
UpdateNew logos
The logos shown at startup and in the About window, as well as the program icon, were adjusted to match the current product and company logos

Version 4.2.59
Status Description
UpdateVersion identification for Windows 8
The Windows 8 version recognition was added. The About dialog will now show the correct operating system name.
UpdateAutomatic phone number correction
If the correction works in the background without showing its dialog, then the search database update is delayed until Outlook announces the contact item change. The search window would display the wrong number formats until the update took place. This was changed so the database is immediately updated after a correction was applied.
UpdateTAPI reconnection
The "Select TSP" configuration page would reconnect the TAPI device more often than needed. The reconnection is now executed only if actually necessary to enhance stability.
UpdateWAV playback
The former code to play WAV files (e.g. on inbound calls) caused problems in rare cases where Windows Media Player would stop playing and could not recover, or YouTube video streams would stop until the page is reloaded. The playback is now using the simplified PlaySound method of the winmm API.
UpdateShortcuts and icons in the start menu
In some cases the TAPICall program links would not show the program icon properly. The links were created as "advertised" which would reduce their functionality and adjustability. The setup now creates regular links and assigns the icon more reliably.
UpdateOffice 2013 stabilization
The MAPI interface was updated to provide better compatibility with Office 2013. This should relieve the issue of crashes when TAPICall automatically created e-mails.
UpdateF8: selection in reading pane
Until now, marked text could only be evaluated when the text was marked in an inspector window, i.e. the item had to be opened in a separate window in order to make the selected text available. From now on, selected text from reading panes can also be properly evaluated when F8 is pressed so the items do not have to be opened first.

Version 4.2.58
Status Description
UpdateMap provider changed for GoYellow search results
When an Outlook contact item is created from a GoYellow search result, the map link is now provided by Google Maps.

Version 4.2.57
Status Description
UpdateExtended placeholders for external applications
The placeholders for external applications were adjusted. Until now, the placeholders callerid_pure, calledid_pure und connectedid_pure could be used to forward the respective phone number to an application. Unfortunately, the values contained the outside access prefix (if configured) which could cause unwanted results in the application. These placeholders were adjusted so they only contain the phone number and never the outside access prefix. If the outside access prefix should be part of the number forwarded, you can now use the new parameters callerid_dialable, calledid_dialable , and connectedid_dialable.

Version 4.2.56
Status Description
UpdateDialing out: new option to disable replacement of '+' sign by international dialing rule
Some TSPs demand the plus sign which indicates an international phone number stays untouched. Usually it is replaced by the digits that qualify an international call (e.g. "011" in USA). To disable the replacement, a new option was created on the TAPI Extended dialog, page Filters.

Version 4.2.55
Status Description
NeuNumber filter for dialer mode
If TAPICall is used by other applications as a TAPI dialer application, it is now possible to adjust the number that the application passes over to TAPICall before dialing actually starts. A filter configuration similar to the TAPI Extended Settings filters is now available at Settings -> Extended Settings -> Number Filters. This allows changes to phone numbers if they are not delivered in a dialable format.
UpdatePagineBianche (IT) lookup engine adjustments
Due to web site changes, the lookup engine did not return usable results in previous versions of TAPICall.

Version 4.2.53
Status Description
UpdateFixed registration as default telephony application
The feature to make TAPICall the default telephony application failed when TAPICall was restarted. This is now fixed.

Version 4.2.51
Status Description
UpdateKeyboard shortcut hints in menus
Some menus would display modifies multiple times for menu items where a hotkey using modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Shift) were used. This was fixed.

Version 4.2.50
Status Description
UpdateSwyx / Octopus NetPhone: change in call info evaluation
The NetPhone TSP does not deliver a trailing zero byte with strings in the CallInfo structure. This caused TAPICall to clip the last digit or character from all IDs and names delivered.

Version 4.2.49
Status Description
NeuConfigurable restrictions for lookup engines and internet usage
Due to a limitation with Search.ch (formerly TelSearch), TAPICall was frequently unable to get any search results when this provider was used. The reason is that Search.ch has a "per-key" limitation of 200 search results per day. Until now, all users shared the same built-in key, therefore the limit was reached within a few minutes when the provider reset the counter every 24 hours. Therefore, TAPICall now offers a configurable key that users can enter after acquiring their own key from Search.ch. In order to keep TAPICall within existing limitations, the following additions have been made for each search provider:
  • Set personal key: Instead of using the CONVERGIT default key, you can nos use your own one and access up to 200 search results (with Search.ch) per day withouth interference with any other user
  • Configurable limits: for each search provider, you can now configure these limits that TAPICall will mind:
    • Maximum number of requests per day
    • Maximum number of results per request
    • Maximum number of reqults per day
  • Request counters: TAPICall will count the number of requests and results for the past 24 hours to keep track of usage. When 75% of a given limit are reached, or the limit is exceeded, the search window will announce each situation with an appropriate message.
  • Deactivate DDI / Extension search: When a number could not be resolved in a reverse lookup, TAPICall would execute up to 5 new search requests with a number shortened by the last digit and having the remaining last digit replaced by a zero, to get the company main number that may exist in the directory. As this may increase the total number of requests rapidly, this behaviour can now be disabled.
UpdateEvaluation period credit on activation
Previously, remaining days from the evaluation period were dropped when the product was activated. We will now add any remaining evaluation period days to the license runtime if the activation happens during the evaluation period.

Version 4.2.47
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: Behaviour of activation system (online activation)
In the previous version, TAPICall would announce the license (when purchased online) has expired even if it was valid. This was corrected.

Version 4.2.46
Status Description
NeuBalloon: choose color for phone number display
The balloon settings are now offering a color selection for the phone number displayed
NeuExternal applications: parameter formatting
TAPICall offers launching external applications depending on the current call situation and allows to pass values derived from the active call to the called application as parameters. However, there was no way to format these parameters. TAPICall now offers 16 functions to modify values before they are passed to the called application
Furthermore, a new parameter %trigger% was added which contains why the application was launched (e.g.. "Inbound call / answered")
UpdateSearch window: creating new contacts when a search result exists
If a phone number input resulted in more than one (fuzzy) match, it was not possible to create a new contact with the exact number entered. For this purpose, the "Contact" button is now split and offers an additional dropdown button in this situation. That button can be used to open a pop-up menu where the creation of a new contact (instead of opening the first search result) can explicitly be picked.
UpdateBugfix: unintended display of ignored calls in the call list
When a phone number was configured to be completely ignored, calls would still be shown in the call list. They are now filtered so these calls will not surface at all any longer.
UpdateBugfix: XML configuration files did not contain speed dial entries
Speed dial items were not included in the XML configuration files to be transported to other PCs. This is now supported.
UpdateBugfix: Speed dial default entry
The default entry "CONVERGIT GmbH" was automatically created whenever the list was empty. Therefore, it was not possible to delete all items from the list ("CONVERGIT GmbH" would re-appear all the time).

Version 4.2.45
Status Description
UpdateBugfix for countries with closed dialing schema
A warning was generated for locations where area codes are not used (i.e. closed dialing schema). The location cannot have an area code then which let TAPICall generate a warning on startup. This warning will no longer appear for countries using closed dialing schema.

Version 4.2.44
Status Description
UpdateStartup behaviour (wait for Outlook to start)
In the phase when TAPICall is waiting for Outlook to be started, it could happen in rare cases that TAPICall would remove the focus from the active application every two seconds until Outlook has started. Removing the focus from Outlook is required to make Outlook visible for external applications. It will only happen now if the active window is the Outlook main window. Once that succeeded, TAPICall will enter startup mode and the polling mechanism which removes the focus is terminated.

Version 4.2.43
Status Description
UpdateOpen call list on startup
There is a new option to open the call list when TAPICall has finished starting up. You can find the option on top of the settings page Call list.

Version 4.2.41
Status Description
UpdateBuilt-in notification sound on inbound calls
Due to changes in the Windows subsystem some plaforms failed to play the built-in 5-tone alarm sound that would play on inbound calls. The tone duration for each tone was increased from 45 to 80 milliseconds. This applies mainly to Windows SP1 systems.
UpdateRepaired: play WAV files from contact attachment
This feature did not work correctly in previous versions. It basically requires that the call notification is configured to play a WAV file, and a default WAV file is specified. If a caller has a known contact item containing a WAV attachment, that WAV file should be played instead. By mistake, TAPICall would always play the default WAV and ignore the in-contact WAV.

Version 4.2.40
Status Description
UpdateInternet connection / proxy
Previous versions did not allow for the "User name" and "Password" fields to be cleared once a value was entered there. The settings page will now accept if users clear the fields and store this in the config appropriately.
UpdateTAPI initialization improvements
The initial connection to the TAPI interface was adjusted to remove compatibility issues with some TAPI service providers.

Version 4.2.38
Status Description
NeuAudio muting: Windows Vista and newer versions
The audio muting now works natively for Windows Vista and newer Windows edition without the need for an external program
UpdateCall list retrieval as e-mail: multiple recipients
The call list retrieval function was restricted to the e-mail address that was directly associated with the Outlook session. You can now add more e-mail addresses to which the call list is also sent when you trigger a call list retrieval.
UpdateUpdated MAPI components
The MAPI components used by TAPICall to access Outlook and Exchange resources were updated to provide a better compatibility with Office 2013.

Version 4.2.37
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box call list download for newer models and firmwares
Newer Fritz!Box models are using a new security model based on session IDs. TAPICall was adjusted to detect the firmware version and run the security model according to the firmware.

Version 4.2.36
Status Description
UpdateCreating new contacts: phone number field
The phone number field configured in the settings page "Actions on Calls" was not applied correctly so new contacts would always have their "Business Phone Number" field filled instead of the one actually configured.

Version 4.2.35
Status Description
UpdateCall control window: displaying the city for private contacts
The call control window would display the business address city only during calls. If a contact is private and only has a private address, or the private address was configured to be the default address, then this would be ignored. TAPICall was changed to respect the default address and take the city that was entered there. If no city results from that, the city is derived from the area code in the partner's telephone number.

Version 4.2.34
Status Description
UpdateRegistration as standard telephony application
TAPICall now supports registration in the Windows standard telephony application list so that tapiRequestMakeCall commands can be properly received and processed. These calls are used in applications which use the Windows Dialer by default. With this change, TAPICall can replace the dialer. You can find the appropriate switch on the settings page "Extended" in the "Startup" section.
UpdateUpdate to herold.at reverse lookup engine for Austria
After the web page has been restructured internally, the reverse lookup class code had to be updated.

Version 4.2.32
Status Description
UpdateTAPI Service Provider Reconnection
Reconnecting a TSP manually or after an API error would fail most of the time except from within the configuration dialog where the TSP is selected. The following improvements have been made:
  • Search window: right-clicking the TSP name in the bottom right corner would open a pop-up menu where the "Reconnect TSP" item would not work as expected
  • The TSP reconnection will now work the same way if triggered manually or from a MakeCall-related error
  • On reconnection, TAPICall will now terminate the complete API connection, not only the connection to the current device, and restart the API
  • the OWNER and MONITOR flags were not applied correctly when reconnecting. This has been fixed to use the most recent configuration settings

Version 4.2.31
Status Description
UpdateCorrection for Directories.ch search provider
Due to changes in the HTML layout, the Directories.ch search provider could not be used. After the update, contacts created from Directories.ch search results get a Google Maps link, and both reverse and forward lookup are working again.

Version 4.2.30
Status Description
UpdateUpdate for Windows XP and earlier
With Windows XP, one of the December 2012 hotfixes could break TAPICall's method of determining the presence of the Outlook.exe task. TAPICall now attempts to use WMI if that step fails, in previous TAPICall versions this was only done in Windows Vista and newer.

Version 4.2.29
Status Description
UpdateAdditions to the "Redial / Schedule Calls" feature
The following functions have been added:
  • Dedicated options page in TAPICall settings
  • Define when a redial action is finished: on ringback or if the connection was successful
  • Play a reminder sound before an automatic call is placed
Updatecallto: Protocol Handler
(Caution! Using callto: handlers still requires a manual setup process, it is not automatically created by TAPICall's setup routine)
The callto: handler would add the "callto:" prefix to the number to be dialed when TAPICall is called by clicking a hyperlink that contains a phone number. This could lead to unusable results in the phone number resolution, therefore the prefix is now recognized and removed if necessary

Version 4.2.28
Status Description
UpdateFinding contacts by phone number
If a lookup is performed in the search window by using a telephone number containing the separated extension, TAPICall would only deliver hits where the number was entered in the same style. It will now also find contacts where the extension is not separated in the contact.
UpdateFritz!Box 7390 call list download
The standard URLs for the call list download were adjusted to be more compatible with different firmware versions of the FBF 7390.

Version 4.2.26
Status Description
UpdateReverse lookup for Austria (herold.at)
Web site changes caused reverse lookups to return incomplete hits with no name.

Version 4.2.25
Status Description
UpdateBugfix for Terminal Server environments
The Outlook.exe task presence check did not work properly in multi-user environments. It would announce Outlook as running even though it was not in the current session (but running in another user's session). The check will now include the user's terminal session context to ensure it does not see foreign processes.
UpdatePickup mode can be disabled now
Some CallBridge TSPs would announce an outbound call as being picked up as soon as the partner answers the call. As a consequence, TAPICall would use the wrong set of data to evaluate the call. TAPICall can now ignore the pickup mode and treat the call as a normal call instead. The setting is TSP-specific and must be configured in the extended TAPI settings.

Version 4.2.23
Status Description
UpdateDocking now disabled by default
Due to stability issues on some systems, window docking is now disabled by default for TAPICall windows. It can be reactivated in the options though.

Version 4.2.22
Status Description
NeuRedial on busy
If the line of the called partner is busy, TAPICall can now offer to dial the same address again after a defined period of time.
UpdateBugfix: internet connection test / XML
The XML / classic mode was always announced as non-working even though the connection itself was okay.
UpdateSupport for new AVM Fritz!Box models
Newer Fritz!Box sets seem to have new URLs for downloading the call list. Therefore, a model choice was added and URLs are automatically adjusted.
UpdateBugfix: Partner-ID
The partner ID was not successfully persisted during the setup so TAPICall did not know the ID during online activation. That caused more manual work for activating than necessary.

Version 4.2.21
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: Adding new area codes
Creating new area codes did not work properly. The first attempt would end in a "hidden" area code, which caused any further attempts to fail because the area code existed alreay, even though it was invisible.

Version 4.2.20
Status Description

Version 4.2.19
Status Description
UpdateAastra TSP special handling
Because Aastra TSP drivers seem to change their TSP name when connecting the first time, TAPICall failed to correctly verify the TSP choice. The name check can now be disabled if needed.
Please contact TAPICall support if you need to disable the name check.

Version 4.2.18
Status Description
UpdateSearch window: entering phone numbers partially
When a phone number was entered and there was a match that approximately matches the input, the first match from the results list was used for dialling except for the number entered.
UpdateReverse lookup for Austria
The reverse lookup engine for Austria has changed its output structure so the program had to be adjusted in order to properly use it.

Version 4.2.17
Status Description
UpdateSetup improvements
The following changes have been taken to fix the setup:
  • Startup start menu entry is now added again with Windows XP and older versions
  • Installing over a newer existing version is now prohibited.
  • Upgrading an existing version will no longer result in multiple entries in the list of installed products.
UpdateBugfix: Database synchronization
The database sync (in full mode) would show all items having e-mail addresses as changed even if they were unchanged.

Version 4.2.15
Status Description
UpdateSearch window: improvements for voice control
To enhance TAPICall for voice controlled computers, the extension introduced with version 4.2.14 was modified. The type: prefix is no longer needed. Instead, TAPICall will test the right part of the search expression for matching phone number types. If one is found, the appropriate row in the search results is highlighted. E.g. you can enter "smith business two" or "smith assistant" which will in both cases show all "smith" contacts and highlight the first number matching the given type.

Version 4.2.14
Status Description
UpdateSearch window: better support for speech input
Ways of using the software with speech control improved: as part of the search criteria, you can now specify the type of number you wish to dial. Add e.g. type:priv to automatically have the first private phone number in the first search match highlighted for immediate dialling. No need to use the mouse or cursor keys. Behind type:, you can specify all known number types or abbreviations of them, e.g. private, business, mobile, car, assistant etc.
UpdateCall window: access to multiple-match results
If a phone number was resolved into more than one contact, the call info balloon would indicate this with an appropriate message line but the function is not accessible anywhere else. We have extended the Contact button capabilities in the call window so its functionality depends on the number of search results. If only one exists, it is opened as before in an Outlook contact inspector window. If multiple results exist, they are shown in the search window instead.
UpdateF8 in e-mail inspectors
Pushing F8 in an e-mail inspector would always evaluate the highlighted text (if any), otherwise just open a blank search window. This was changed to evaluating the e-mail recipients and senders if no selected text exists.
UpdateBugfix: make call from call list window
TAPICall would not include the outside access prefix when starting a call for the selected item of the call list.

Version 4.2.11
Status Description
NeuTipTel 274/275 support
TipTel phones are now properly supported even if their TSP has ID 0 (zero).

Version 4.2.10
Status Description
NeuE-Mails for inbound calls in absence
TAPICall can now send you an e-mail on a missed call, containing information on the caller and the call history. The feature settings can be found on the settings page 'Actions on calls'.
NeuReceive your call list via e-mail
If you own a smartphone or have another way of accessing your workplace inbox, you can now receive an up-to-date call list as an e-mail if you call your workplace phone (resulting in a missed call from one of your own phone numbers).
NeuCheck for newer program versions
On startup, TAPICall can now check if there is an updated version available for download. It informs you about changes for all versions created since you last installed and redirects you to the download page on request.
NeuTAPICall Dial-out advisor
TAPICall will now inform you if a new phone call was made for your extension that did not originate from your phone or TAPICall. This is typically the case if a different CTI software (such as the Outlook Dialer) is used to make calls.
Neu(BETA) Prepared for callto: protocol handler
TAPICall is now able to handle URLs starting with callto:, e.g. callto:0123456, to start new phone calls.
However, this functionality cannot be activated in the setup or the program because existing callto handlers (like Skype) would become deactivated. We are working on making this part of the setup as a separate feature.
UpdateSearch window: Creating new contacts from the search window when no result is available
If you have entered a phone number in TAPICall's search window to find a matching contact and there is no match, you can now create a new empty contact (with the phone number already set) by clicking the 'Contact' button.
UpdateCall list: clipboard support for call list entries
the context menu now contains an entry 'Copy phone number to clipboard'.
Update(Bugfix) F8: clipboard mis-evaluation when e-mail inspector(s) open
When any e-mail inspector window was open, pressing F8 would not have the desired result for selected contact items.
Update(Bugfix) Call info balloon
The category-related balloon size and colors did not apply in recent versions.

Version 4.1.16
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: making a call from the call list
The outside access prefix was not included when the number of the active call list entry was dialled.

Version 4.1.14
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: starting Outlook 2010 from TAPICall menu
Outlook 2010 would not start after clicking the appropriate menu item in the TAPICall standby-mode menu.
UpdateBugfix: Address lists / QuickSync
After picking an address list as a search folder, QuickSync would launch but not synchronize the address lists so their entries would not be found.
UpdateDatabase synchronization
After successfully completing the synchronization, the dialog now closes automatically.
UpdateBalloon / missed calls
When the call list is opened, this should cause the number of missed calls to be reset to zero. The balloon would still stay open even if configured to close if there are no calls in absence.
UpdateTAPI extended settings / load dialog
The button for renaming existing settings was removed. Deleting settings is now done with a separate option for more convenience.
UpdateTAPI extended settings / save dialog
The buttons for renaming and deleting existing settings were removed.
UpdateTAPI extended settings for Tiptel 274 / 275
The TAPI command lineAccept() is not sent if a Tiptel 274 / 275 device is used to prevent TAPI-level errors and connection problems.
UpdateBugfix: TAPI initialization
The Siemens Gigaset TSP was not shown in the list of selectable devices due to a problem with the provider name. It can now be used for outbound calls (inbound is not supported by the TSP)
UpdateBugfix: Balloon, local target area
The local contact information is now shown with this priority:
  • name (if resolving the local ID to a name succeeded)
  • canonical ID
  • unformatted ID
UpdateBugfix: countries with closed dialling schema
Working with phone number of countries running the closed dialling schema often caused phone number validation messages indicating an unknown area code. This was now fixed so the numbers are only checked against the canonical phone number schema.
UpdateBugfix: country data for Luxemburg (+352) updated
TAPICall now assumes closed dialling for Luxemburg.
UpdateSettings / activation
The button "Update" is now available only after the first contact to the web activation system has been made.

Version 4.1.13
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: reverse lookup for Austria (herold.at) losing telephone number
When a new contact item was created as a result of a herold.at reverse lookup, it could happen that the telephone number from the lookup result would not be set in the contact item.

Version 4.1.12
Status Description
UpdateFritz!Box call list download: Timeouts
The download would sometimes cancel too soon, therefore the connection and send timeouts have been extended from 1 second to 5 seconds.
UpdateBugfix: Fritz!Box call list download: Default values
Clicking "Set defaults" would not reset the URLs to default values.

Version 4.1.11
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: Fritz!Box call list download
Anonymous calls caused empty contacts to be created and displayed during the download process.

Version 4.1.10
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: missed calls balloon display
The "missed calls" line in the balloon would show missed calls even after the call list has been opened.
UpdateBugfix: special TAPI settings sometimes not used
TAPI service providers with changing IDs could cause TAPICall to skip reading the special settings such as filters etc. on program startup. The settings would be read only after a standby phase.

Version 4.1.9
Status Description
UpdateCorrected dialling setting for Estonia (+372)
Changed dialling scheme for Estonia to "closed dialling" because no area codes are used.
UpdateRemoved invalid area codes for Vienna (Austria)
Removed area codes 10 thru 19 and 222 for Vienna.
UpdateBugfix: unintended restoration of user-deleted area codes
Deleted area codes would be restored on the next program startup.

Version 4.1.8
Status Description
NeuFritz!Box Call List Download
If you are using a Fritz!Box Fon (capable of managing phone calls), you can now integrate the call list of the Fritz!Box with TAPICall's call list. New options for this have been added on the existing Call List settings page.

Version 4.1.7
Status Description
UpdatePickup behaviour adjustment
When a call is picked up on the phone (not with TAPICall's pickup function), TAPICall would not show info on the call on some systems.

Version 4.1.5
Status Description
UpdatePhone book service change for Switzerland
The lookup service [b]tel.search[/b] is now using a more reliable and faster communication path.

Version 4.1.4
Status Description
UpdateTAPI Wizard: Optimization of settings gained
After running the tests in the TAPI wizard, the setting proposals gained from the tests are aggregated as far as possible to achieve a more compact set of filters.

Version 4.1.3
Status Description
UpdateCorrected number modifier usage
When a number modifier was created that also included the 'connected' call state, it would be applied to inbound as well as outbound calls, no matter if any of these flags was set.

Version 4.1.2
Status Description
UpdateFixed reverse lookup for Austria
Changes in the lookup code were required due to internal changes on the lookup web site.

Version 4.1.1
Status Description
UpdateCallBridge fix for picked up calls is now optional
The change introduced in version 4.0.107 of TAPICall (for CallBridge TAPI service providers) has now become an option. By default it is not activated. If you have trouble with wrong caller IDs being announced if you pick up a call from your phone, you can now use the file(s) in the new "Reg" subfolder that is installed in the TAPICall installation path (default: C:Programm FilesTAPICall or C:Program Files (x86)TAPICall):
  • TAPI_UseConnectedIdOnPickup (CallBridge fix).reg - to activate special pickup handling (ConnectedID will be used instead of CallerID)
  • TAPI_UseConnectedIdOnPickup disable (CallBridge fix).reg - to deactivate the fix (default setting)

Import the desired file by double-clicking it. After TAPICall is restarted, the setting is used.
CAUTION: use this fix ONLY if you are using a CallBridge TAPI service provider and TAPICall announces wrong CallerIDs when you pick up a call on your phone.

Version 4.1.0
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: Macro virus warnings
When creating Journal items in E-Mail folders, Outlook would show a macro virus warning.
UpdateBugfix: Fixed reverse lookup service for Italy (PagineBianche.it)
Due to slight changes in the page setup, TAPICall was no longer able to retrieve data from the site.
UpdateBugfix: Blank contacts when dialing from TAPICall
In some situations TAPICall would first create a blank contact after making a call and then show the correct contact (from an Outlook folder)
UpdateBugfix: Windows location warnings
Fixed a problem with older TAPICall product databases that would cause TAPICall to announce missing Windows location settings
UpdateBugfix: Blank contacts when dialing from TAPICall
In some situations TAPICall would first create a blank contact after making a call and then show the correct contact (from an Outlook folder)

Version 4.0.107
Status Description
NeuBugfix: F8 in e-mail items
Pressing F8 in e-mail items will now use the highlighted text in the message first (if any). If no highlighted text exists, sender and receiver(s) will be used for the contact resolution as in previous versions.
UpdateBugfix: Wrong ID when picking up group calls
TAPICall will now use the ConnectedID only when working with picked-up calls. Many TAPI service providers send invalid CalledID and CalledID data that is misguiding TAPICall
UpdateBugfix: Importing XML config files
Folders were not found when importing an XML config file
UpdateBugfix: Remove settings
The "Remove all Dettings" function left TAPI customizations in the registry unintendedly

Version 4.0.106
Status Description
Update64-bit Office check
When using Office / Outlook 64-bit, TAPICall is not able to access the MAPI info stores due to architectural restrictions by Microsoft (as TAPICall is a 32-bit client). TAPICall now checks this and will recommend installing the 32-bit Office setup instead.

TAPICall works on the following Windows/Office combinations:
  Windows 32-Bit
(XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7)
Windows 64-Bit
(XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7 / 2008 / 2008 R2)
Office 32-Bit
(2000 / 2002 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010)
Office 64-Bit
(2007 / 2010)
invalid *) MAPI inaccessible for 32-Bit clients
*) 64-Bit software cannot be installed on a 32-Bit platform

Version 4.0.105
Status Description
NeuMulti-Monitor environments
Older TAPICall versions have reduced working mostly to the main desktop area. Window positions and sizes were only restored if the area affected was somewhere on the main screen. Multi-monitor environments are now fully supported so that windows across multiple monitors are now possible. If the environment changes, e.g. from two monitors to one, windows are always restored so that they are visible in the screen area.
UpdateBugfix: Speed dialing
The list could get corrupted when inserting new entries or re-arranging them. Sometimes no new entries could be created.
UpdateBugfix: Call list filter and call type (internal / external) were not saved and restored
The most recent filter and call type selected in the call list was not restored if the call list (or TAPICall) was closed.
UpdateBugfix: Write access check on startup
If the product database cannot be opened for write access on program startup, this will be announced and the program will terminate again. Write access is required for successfully finishing the activation process.
UpdateSpeed dialing: Default entry
If the list is still empty, TAPICall will now create a usable default example entry for calling CONVERGIT Support.
UpdateNow using an internal country database
Countries and their dialing rules were read from the Windows registry until now. As there are some countries missing there, and some errors in the dialing rules exist, TAPICall is now using its own country database which is located inside the product database.

Version 4.0.104
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: Misinterpretation of Pickup call data
When a call was picked up by dialing a PBX command, the call was in some environments interpreted as outbound and the caller ID could get overwritten.
UpdateBugfix: Evaluation of anonymous calls
Contacts created for calls with suppressed caller information (CLIP) were assigned the local country and area code accidentally.
UpdateBugfix: Fixed infinite folder depth for PublicFax virtual InfoStores
Folders inside virtual Public Fax infostores could not be properly enumerated and caused TAPICall to crash.

Version 4.0.101
Status Description
UpdateSupport for new placeholders when calling external programs
The following placeholders were added for command line parameters when calling an external application on phone events:
  • %calledid_pure%
  • %callerid_pure%
  • %connectedid_pure%
All these placeholders contain the respective raw ID without the outside access digit if any. There will be no difference between the "raw" and the "pure" placeholders if no outside access digits are used at all.

Version 4.0.99
Status Description
UpdateUnexpected program standby and restart
Bugfix: the Outlook runtime detection failed sometimes, causing TAPICall to assume that Outlook is no longer running, and go to standby mode, only to recover some seconds later.

Version 4.0.98
Status Description
UpdatePC Praxis Edition

Version 4.0.97
Status Description
UpdateTAPI calibration settings
Bugfix: after settings were changed in the TAPI wizard or the TAPI calibration dialog, the settings were applied only after a program restart. They are now immediately loaded once one of the TAPI dialogs is closed.

Version 4.0.95
Status Description
UpdateTAPI Wizard Enhancements:
  • A test is regarded as complete if at least one ID was delivered by the TSP. Previous versions expected an ID from before talking and an ID while talking which caused the wizard to get stuck when one of these IDs was missing.
  • The wizard now auto-forwards to the next page once a test is complete (after hanging up)
  • To enhance usability for small screen resolutions, the controls on the wizard form were rearranged to save vertical space.

Version 4.0.94
Status Description
UpdateNew TAPI Wizard
To make the TAPICall setup easier, a new TAPI Wizard was created that guides the user through some test calls to automatically create a working CTI configuration and handle TAPI service provider misbehaviour if needed.
UpdateBugfix: public folders not displaying
With Outlook 2010 the public folder hierarchy was not always shown correctly.

Version 4.0.89
Status Description
UpdateRemoved graphical menus
The graphical menu component had to be removed due to stability issues on some Windows 7 / 64-Bit systems. Another component will be used in a future version soon to provide graphical menus again.
UpdateBugfix: interactive phone number correction
The interactive correction dialog would not pop up reliably when a contact was saved with badly formatted phone numbers.
UpdateBugfix: removed hourglass cursor in the call list cleanup message box
The message box informing the user about outdated call list entries is now shown with the default mouse pointer instead of the hourglass cursor.

Version 4.0.87
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: redesigned the Outlook runtime checker component
To enhance compatibility, the Outlook runtime checks were changed.
UpdateBugfix: notification on incorrectly formatted phone numbers (new contacts)
The window that shows incorrectly formatted phone numbers and offers corrections was not shown reliably when new contacts were added.

Version 4.0.86
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: fixed Austria reverse / forward lookup
Due to changes in the values returned by the search engine, lookup results could not be parsed since 01/2010.

Version 4.0.85
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: config page "external apps"
Changes made in the dialog "parameters / test" were not always saved properly.

Version 4.0.84
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: outbound calls being identified as inbound
When an error occurred in the evaluation of ID names, TAPICall assumed that calls were inbound even though they were outbound.

Version 4.0.82
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: speed dial button order could not be arranged by user
Due to an automatic collision check, the order of speed dial items was lost when the window configuration was saved.
UpdateBugfix: attempt to fix "no-wakeup" behavior

Version 4.0.80
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: search window / auto-minimize
The option "automatically minimize during call" was not saved properly.
UpdateBugfix: activation message "license expired" in spite of valid license
Some PCs showed a message stating the license is expired even though the license was valid. The program still worked in all aspects.
UpdateBugfix: announcement of multiple matching contacts in the call info balloon
If a number was recognised in more than one contact, the call info balloon would not show the appropriate hint
UpdateBugfix: TSP device with ID 0 (zero)
Using a TSP device with ID 0 was a problem because TAPICall assumed this would be an initial value interpreted as "no device chosen"
UpdateBugfix: call control window / buttons "Follow-up flag" and "E-mail" would not get enabled
The buttons would not get enabled even though the partner was recognised as a known contact

Version 4.0.78
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: multiple-match results window would not come up
The search window displaying all items included in a multiple-match scenario (more than one item matches the current phone number) can now be shown again by clicking the balloon hyperlink.
UpdateBugfix: fixed local search by name and location (,)
Looking up items in the search window by specifying name and location would not get any result.
UpdateBugfix: Austria reverse lookup engine
The page layout was changed by the provider. TAPICall was changed to appropriately parse the new layout now.

Version 4.0.77
Status Description
UpdateSearch window behavior changed
The search window behavior was changed to TAPICall won't care about an open search window when the next search request (F8) is given by the user. If there is an existing search window, it will be closed regardless of its contents, and a new one will be opened using the current search context.

Version 4.0.76
Status Description
UpdateSearch windows reduced to one window
From this version on, there is only one search window that is called with the F8 key by default. This implies some changes in the behavior:
  • When no search window exists, F8 will open a new window in any case, trying to use the current context
  • When a search window exists, and you press F8 again...
    • the window will just be shown on top again if it already contains a phone number or a lookup result
    • the window will show search results according to the current context if it does not have a current phone number or lookup result
  • if the current search window already contains something and you press F8, the window will appear but not show new content according to the context. In that case, you need to close the existing window first and then press F8 again.
UpdateBugfix: CTI config: own number and company main number
Once these checkboxes were activated, they could not be deactivated again.
UpdateDefault changed for call control window behavior
On inbound calls, TAPICall will now show only the call info balloon and, if configured, the contact item, but no longer the call control window. You can get to the call control window any time by pressing F7.
UpdateChanged default hotkey for the speed dial window
The hotkey combination for launching the speed dial window was changed from Ctrl-Alt-S to Ctrl-2.

Version 4.0.75
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: WAV file and text color usage with categories
WAV files and foreground colours assigned to categories are now played / shown again.
UpdateBugfix: Usage of address list entries
When the phone number lookup found an address list entry, Outlook security warnings could occur.

Version 4.0.74
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: Creating a speed dial entry out of the search window
If the currently selected phone number was used to create a new speed dial entry with the appropriate button in the search window, this entry could not be saved. TAPICall would produce a message such as "another entry with this target already exists".
UpdateBugfix: Follow-up flagging for Outlook 2007 / 2010
The follow-up flagging functionality was partially rewritten to fit better for Outlook 2007 and newer versions. Coloured flags such as in Outlook 2003 can no longer be used, as a replacement the dialog now offers the categories which can be assigned or removed from the item.
UpdateBugfix: Creating a new contact from a reverse lookup result
Contacts created out of the search window did not receive an address if there was one or more similar contact that TAPICall offered to synchronize, and the user chose to create a new contact item instead of synchronizing an existing one.
UpdateBugfix: hitting F8 on a lookup result in the search window
Pressing F8 created a new search window in recent versions of TAPICall. The previous functionality was restored so pressing F8 on a phone number will now start dialing this number again.
UpdateFunction "Insert comment block": new placeholders
The configurable text block that can be used with the hotkey functionality &qout;Insert comment block" now has some additional placeholders::
  • yyyy: Year (4 digits)
  • yy: Year (2 digits)
  • mm: Month (2 digits, adding a leading zero for values 1..9)
  • m: Month (1 or 2 digits)
  • dd: Day (2 digits, adding a leading zero for values 1..9)
  • d: Day (1 or 2 digits)
  • hh: Hour (2 digits, adding a leading zero for values 1..9)
  • h: Hour (1 or 2 digits)
  • hh12: Hour (2 digits, using 12-hour format, adding a leading zero for values 1..9)
  • h12: hour (1 or 2 digits, using 12-hour format)
  • nn: Minute (2 digits, adding a leading zero for values 1..9)
  • n: Minute (1 or 2 digits)
  • ss: Second (2 digits, adding a leading zero for values 1..9)
  • s: Second (1 or 2 digits)
This allows for better customizability of date formats.
UpdateShowing mouse actions in the TAPICall menu
If a function does not have an associated hotkey but an associated mouse action (such as click left - right), that mouse action is now displayed in the shortcut column of the menu.

Version 4.0.73
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: support for address lists
Details of address list entries were not shown completely in the call info balloon.

Version 4.0.72
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: wrong behaviour if CalledID is empty
If a TAPI service provider was used that does not fill the CalledID field, TAPICall would just open the call control window but no contact and no call info balloon.

Version 4.0.71
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: outbound dialing broken by not using TAPI address feature
Some computers failed to create outbound calls if the feature "TAPI address" was not used.
UpdateBugfix: setup to replace previous TAPICall version
The setup can now replace another existing TAPICall version again.

Version 4.0.69
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: outbound dialing broken by not using TAPI address feature
Some computers failed to create outbound calls if the feature "TAPI address" was not used.
UpdateUsage of TAPI addresses now optional
To avoid trouble especially with Telekom and Siemens TSPs, the function "Address" was made optional, and by default the function is not activated.

Version 4.0.68
Status Description
UpdateCall list performance
Changing from one row to another could be slow because TAPICall checked for each row if a contact was associated with it. The related query was sped up rapidly.
UpdateCall control window / call info balloon / call list entry after picking up the receiver (outbound call)
When dialing on the phone, TAPICall would show a call control window shown an anonymous or unknown target until the number was dialed completely. The window now shows only after dialing is complete, and the call info balloon and call list entry appear only after the first digit was dialed (or, depending on the TSP behaviour, when the number is complete).
UpdateBugfix: displaying initialization issues
If TAPICall encounters problems at startup, the page "To-Do" would appear in the settings wizard. This did not work in previous 4.0 Beta versions.
UpdateBugfix: reconnecting the TSP during a call
If the function "reconnect TAPI service provider" was called during a call, the associated security question could not be answered with "yes / no" as planned but only with "OK", resulting in no actual reconnection taking place.

Version 4.0.65
Status Description
NeuDynamic activation model
You can now use a new activation model that allows you to manage the licenses you have bought online. You can assign licenses to computers that have registered online, and move a license from one computer to another.

Version 4.0.59
Status Description
UpdateFixed: TAPI "pickup" feature
Picking up a call from a different ringing phone/extension did not bring up a call control window.
UpdateFixed: TAPI "redirect" and blind transfer"
Until now, these features expected phone numbers to be specified in the "raw" dialable format. If the speed dial button was configured to hold a phone number in canonical format, this was not properly dialable. TAPICall now converts the number into dialable format if needed.

Version 4.0.58
Status Description
UpdateFixed: hyperlink to alternate matching entries in the call info balloon
If a telephone number is not found in its original length but in a shortened form, the call info balloon displays a line informing the user about alternate entries that may give a hint about the caller. In previous versions, clicking the link in the balloon led to a search window with no results as the ID was scrambled due to a bug.
UpdateFixed: re-opening a contact steals the focus from the active window
If the option "re-open contacts on external changes" was set on, re-opening a contact could steal the focus from the active application.

Version 4.0.57
Status Description
UpdateF8 hotkey in appointment items
Pressing the "Make call" hotkey (default: F8) in appointment items will now list all contacts resulting from the attendees.

Version 4.0.56
Status Description
UpdateFixed: e-mail licensing issue
A bug in e-mail licensing which prevented to activate machines was removed. The bug produced the error message "License is not for this machine".

Version 4.0.55
Status Description
UpdateFixed: multiple call control windows on outbound CTI-triggered call
When a call was placed by TAPICall, sometimes multiple call control windows appeared of which only one was usable.

Version 4.0.54
Status Description
UpdateFixed: same telephone number in multiple fields after reverse lookup
A reverse lookup from GoYellow (German phone numbers only) could result in a new contact having multiple phone number fields set with the same phone number.
UpdateFixed: GoYellow map URL inserted even if configured not to insert the link
The setting "insert map URL" was previously ignored on reverse lookup contact creation. A map URL was inserted always when a new contact was created.
UpdateFixed: shutdown behavior
Fixed some possible causes of unstable behavior during TAPICall shutdown.
UpdateFixed: reaction to end of call
When a call was hung up or dropped, the associated call control window would sometimes stay open.

Version 4.0.52
Status Description
UpdateFixed: answering a call in the info balloon or the call control window failed on certain TSPs
TAPICall failed to answer calls on some TSPs when trying to answer by clicking the green receiver button in the call info balloon or in the call control window. The following error message appeared: LINEERR_INVALCALLHANDLE: Call handle %1 is invalid.

Version 4.0.51
Status Description
UpdateFixed: simulated calls no longer treated like actual calls
Simulated calls were shown as actual calls along with a call management window.
UpdateFixed: F8 and Ctrl-F1 usage
Instead of Shift-Insert, TAPICall now sends Ctrl-C to get the current selection from the active application. The method was internally changed to fit security requirements of Windows 7 better.

Version 4.0.50
Status Description
UpdateFixed: QuickSync running while first start wizard is displayed
On the very first start of the program, the QuickSync would run for the default contacts folder while the first start wizard is displayed to the user. To prevent delays and unneeded data in the replication database, the QuickSync is run only after the first start wizard has closed, if needed anyway.
UpdateFixed: Welcome page does not show the default language setting on Vista and newer Windows versions
On Windows systems newer than XP, the welcome page of the TAPICall settings wizard would not show the default language setting "Use system language" in the combo box, but the combo box would be empty.
UpdateFixed: Reverse scan: unneeded info line in call info balloon
If the reverse lookup did not find an entry for the current telephone number, the balloon would still keep displaying the line "performing reverse lookup".

Version 4.0.49
Status Description
NeuFixed: call window option "open minimized"
The call window option "Open the window in minimized state" was switched on due to a confusion with the new call window option "Auto-minimize".
UpdateReverse scan: notification about multiple matching entries
If multiple reverse lookup entries could be found for the same number, TAPICall will show you the line "Multiple entries found" in the balloon (like with known contacts). From there, you can open a new search window containing all reverse lookup results.

Version 4.0.48
Status Description
UpdateSearch window: right-click context menu added in search result list
A new pop-up menu appears if you right-click a line in the list of search results.
UpdateSearch window: "Chapter" lines inserted in fuzzy search results
To inform you about why certain entries are shown in the search results even though the number you entered looks different, TAPICall now inserts "chapter" lines, mentioning the search expression which was used to find the results.
UpdateSearch window: Fixed: dual monitor capability added
The pop-up for planning a call could appear on the wrong monitor if two or more monitors are used.
UpdateFixed: Windows 2000 compatibility restored
TAPICall 4.0 can now be used again on Windows 2000 systems without crashing.
UpdateFixed: call info balloon displayed in task bar as a window control
When the TAPICall info balloon was open, a task bar window control button unwantedly appeared (title: "TAPICall notification balloon").

Version 4.0.47
Status Description
UpdateSearch window automatically minimizes on a beginning call
If you start a call from the search window, it will now minimize to the task bar, and return after the call has finished. You can control this behavior in the settings menu.
UpdateFixed: un-muting after the call has ended
Un-muting was made more reliable.

Version 4.0.45
Status Description
UpdateFixed: re-displaying Outlook contacts which were changed by other users
Re-displaying items changed on the server while open on a TAPICall client was fixed so if now a public change is detected, an automatic synchronization of the Outlook items is performed before any items are re-shown, ensuring that these items are up to date.
UpdateAdded support for caller/called/connected ID names
TAPICall can now use the ID names if delivered by the PBX. As long as no contact matching the ID could be found, the ID name will be displayed in the notification balloon and also in the newly created contact.
UpdateSpeed dialing: fixed pickup functionality
The "pickup" function of the speed dial buttons was redesigned to be more reliable now.
UpdateSpeed dialing: deletion confirmation added
When you try to delete a speed dial target, TAPICall will now ask for a confirmation before the item is actually deleted.
UpdateOutlook startup and shutdown detection
Functionality improved to be more reliable.

Version 4.0.38
Status Description
UpdateBugfix: un-muting after call was disconnected
In some situations, TAPICall would not un-mute the audio channels when the call was disconnected because the TAPI service provider reports no "disconnected" status before going to "idle" status. TAPICall will now un-mute audio in both cases.

Version 4.0.37
Status Description
UpdateExternal actions: parameters can now be filled from contact fields
It is now possible to pass out any contact field to the external application for the "target" contact of the call. If no contact could be resolved, the parameters will be rendered as blank.
UpdateSpeed dialing: fixed some bugs
Some problems with speed dialing functions were fixed:
  • when starting a call with the speed dial button, it was not always possible to drop the call the same way
  • dialing out using shortcuts will no longer include an outside access prefix
UpdatePlan Call
If you prefer to use the "One-Click" feature when planning calls, but sometimes need to adjust the data preset, you can now use the "Plan call" button in two ways:
  • Left mouse button: use one-click if enabled, otherwise display the properties pop-up
  • Right mouse button: always show the properties pop-up, regardless of whether one-click was configured or not
UpdateQuickSync: now includes address lists
Until now, QuickSync only re-synchronized Outlook folders and ignored address lists. They are now encluded in each QuickSync cycle.
UpdateQuickSync: fixed cleanup
Unlike the conventional window-based synchronization, QuickSync would not clean up contacts no longer needed. Cleanup is now the same in both ways.
UpdateFixed: usage of the contact field "file as"
The field contained CrLf control characters due to the way Outlook stores the field internally. It will now be converted to "FullName (CompanyName)" where " (CompanyName)" only appears if there is a company name set in the contact.
The "file as" field is now also available for the journal title.

Version 4.0.36
Status Description
NeuExternal actions depending on current call state
Depending on the current call state, you can now configure external actions to be performed (launch exe files, scripts or URLs). To pass current call data to the external instance, you can use parameters. The configuration can be found in the settings page 'External applications'.
UpdateSearch window: enhanced 'search by number' algorithm
Searching for a telephone number will now run two queries, one which requires exact matching of at least the beginning of the number entered, followed by a "fuzzy" search which returns other numbers similar to the one entered (fuzzy search is only performed if exact search did not return any result).
BugWindows 2000 compatibility
TAPICall versions greater than 4.0.23 may cause Windows 2000 to crash. It is not recommended to use TAPICall 4.0 on pre-Windows XP versions. We will fix the problem a.s.a.p.

Version 4.0.34
Status Description
NeuTAPI: support for hold / blind transfer / redirect
Version 4.0 adds support for the TAPI features hold / blind transfer (transfer to other extension while call is ringing) / redirect (transfer to other extension during the call).
NeuTAPI: support for multiple addresses and address capabilities
TAPICall now tries to evaluate the TSPs address (~ extension), and the features supported by the TSP, subsequently offering only those features supported.
NeuSpeed dialing
The new speed dialing feature allows you to configure frequently used phone numbers, search expressions and PBX commands to a button bar, so you can call these targets with just one click, or send a command (e.g. temporary forwarding to another extension, CLIR etc.). Calls started from the speed dial window can be managed there, too.
NeuOld call window split up into search and call management window
The former "call window" was split up so the new "search window" is only used for searching and preparing calls whereas actual calls will be managed each in a separate "call control" window.
NeuExtended reverse lookup support
Some internal changes were made to enhance integration of new reverse lookup services.
NeuReverse lookup service for Austria
A new forward and reverse lookup service was added for phone numbers from Austria.
NeuReverse lookup service for Switzerland: directories.ch
The service directories.ch / local.ch was added for phone numbers from Switzerland.
NeuReverse lookup service for Italy: paginebianche.it
The service paginebianche.it was added for phone numbers from Italy.
NeuBalloon: now announces if multiple contacts match the current phone number
The balloon now informs you if the current telephone number is found in more than one contact. Even if the number is not associated with any contact, you get informed about existing contacts with similar numbers.
UpdateCreating contacts for anonymous inbound calls
You can now determine whether to create a new (blank) contact also if an anonymous call comes in.
UpdateTAPI: auto reconnect after standby
If the computer resumes from hibernation or standby, TAPICall can now reconnect the TSP in case it tends to lose the PBX connection. You can also specify a delay after which the reconnection is performed.
UpdateSearch window: now sorted descending by last modification date
Results in the search window are now sorted descending by the last modification date to ensure the most recent contacts are on top of the list.
UpdateSearch window: supports partial phone numbers
Entering parts of a number will create appropriate search results now.
UpdateSearch window: job title and location as new search criteria
You can now also enter the job title and / or location as additional search criteria.
UpdateSearch window: new feature "plan call"
This new feature allows you to create a call reminder (Outlook task) for a selected contact item in the search window. This is more straight-forward than using the flagging feature.
UpdateSearch window: exact match first, then fuzzy matches (most recent first)
When you search for a telephone number in the search window, TAPICall will now first return the contact(s) matching the number exactly, then append more contacts where the number matches partially. The contacts will be sorted by the last modification date in descending order, so the most recent contact will be on top of the list (below exactly matching contacts, if any).
UpdateFollow-up flagging enhanced
You can now flag contacts without setting a reminder date. The dialog was rearranged to show the flagging details first, then more optional data.
UpdateClipboard: new call with F8 hotkey
To enhance compatibility with newer operating systems, the clipboard control functions were slightly changed.
UpdateVista 64-bit compatibility
TAPICall is now Vista 64-bit compatible by supporting Registry Reflection.
UpdateFeature recreated: Re-open items on external changes
The feature "Re-open items when they were changed by another user" was recreated. See TAPICall configuration page "extended settings" for more information.
UpdateNew simulation option
To test reverse lookup exclusively without using any of the replicated data, a new checkbox was made available in the simulation window. Using this option will cause TAPICall to act as if there were no known contacts yet.
UpdateUsing HTML instead of RTF in call info e-mails
TAPICall will now use HTML when a call info is sent from the call list window.
UpdateFixed: Losing active call when another call is coming in during an existing call
During a call (A), a new call waiting (B) would be announced as the new active call. If the new call (B) is dropped because you keep the existing one, TAPICall would not give you ways to control the existing call (A). If the new call (B) is disconnecting, TAPICall will now show you the info for call (A) again, and let you control the call from the balloon.
UpdateFixed: TelSearch (CH) uses fax as phone number
The TelSearch lookup routine returned entries with phone and fax number the wrong way so the fax number would be interpreted as the phone number.
UpdateFixed: TelSearch (CH) returns only the first result
The TelSearch reverse lookup interface was fixed so that now all results are returned, not only the very first one.
UpdateFixed: Keyboard shortcut for "insert comment block": Placeholders date_short and date_long did not work
The keyboard shortcut function "insert comment block" did not properly replace the placeholders date_long and date_short by the respective date strings.
UpdateFixed: Call info balloon mispositioning
The call info balloon would appear behind the task bar or in the wrong corner of the screen when using Windows Vista or Windows Seven and moving the task bar or the sidebar.
UpdateFixed: Make call (F8) from Outlook e-mail window
Bugfix: TAPICall now recognizes Outlook e-mail editor windows properly and shows the matching contacts when pressing F8.
UpdateFixed: Outlook XP (2002): unexpected standby on main window minimization
Bugfix: When Outlook XP (2002) was minimized and was configured to hide from the task bar in that situation, TAPICall would shut down into standby.

Version 3.1.89
Status Description
UpdateFixed: TelSearch (CH) uses fax as phone number
The TelSearch lookup routine returned entries with phone and fax number the wrong way so the fax number would be interpreted as the phone number.

Version 3.1.87
Status Description
UpdateSystem shutdown: optional alternate program shutdown modes
In case TAPICall seems to hang when a system shutdown is being performed, the quit method can now be one of three methods, determined by a registry value. Please contact support if you experience shutdown problems caused by TAPICall.

Version 3.1.86
Status Description
UpdateStartup: 64-bit workaround
The Outlook tray detection does not work properly on 64-bit systems. There is a Registry value now to turn the detection off so TAPICall start up without checking icons.

Version 3.1.85
Status Description
UpdateVista 64-bit compatibility
A new feature in 64-bit Vista versions, Registry Reflection, caused TAPICall to fail reading certain registry keys such as the country list.
UpdateBalloon mispositioning using Vista
Bugfix: The call info balloon sometimes appeared behind the task bar or in the wrong corner of the screen.
UpdateFixed: TelSearch (CH) returns only the first result
The TelSearch reverse lookup interface was fixed so that now all results are returned, not only the very first one.

Version 3.1.83
Status Description
UpdateFixed: Balloon window closing too quicky
Bugfix: on new inbuond calls, the info balloon would close too quickly before the call was answered.
UpdateFixed: unwanted WAV or built-in sound on inbound call
Bugfix: even though the alarm configuration was disabled, TAPICall would play the built-in beep or a WAV file.
UpdateFixed: Not starting up with Outlook 2002
Bugfix: When using Outlook 2002 (XP), TAPICall would not launch along with Outlook and stay in standby mode.

Version 3.1.82
Status Description
UpdateTAPI initialization problem removed
Dur to a problem during the TAPI initialization, on some systems it was not possible to place outbound calls with version 3.1.81.

Version 3.1.81
Status Description
NeuNew settings cleanup form
When you encounter problems with TAPICall that may arise from configuration issues, you can now use the new "Reset settings" function on the page "Maintenance and Test" that gives you detailed options on what to remove.
UpdateFixed unexpected shutdowns with Outlook 2002
A bug that caused TAPICall to shut down into standby mode when Outlook was minimized to tray is now fixed.
UpdateRecreated automatic re-opening of changed contacts
If someone else changes a public contact that is open in your Outlook client, TAPICall can detect the change and re-open the contact to show you the most recent version of the contact. This is an optional feature that you can switch on in the "Extended settings" page.

Version 3.1.80
Status Description
UpdateRedesigned the Follow-up form
The Follow-up form was redesigned for better handling of local and public contact reminders.
UpdateUsing CTI / Own ID
If you have configured TAPICall to accept calls only for a certain DDI, the balloon would appear anyway if new calls were placed for a different DDI, and an invalid entry was created in the call list.
UpdateBalloon not showing the company name until the call was accepted
The balloon would first show the subject of the caller but not the company name.